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Hard Money Loan Florida

Hard Money Loan Florida

At Capital Funding Financial, we offer the fastest and most flexible financing your real estate transaction. If you want more than a 8.5% return on your money or you want to fund your real estate project with up to 65% financing regardless of credit or debt to income then you’ve come to the right place. We are Florida’s top hard money lender that will partner with you to fund your next real estate investment.

We specialize in working with investors to provide hard money loans for rehabbers or fix & flips. We are proud to provide private money lending in a fast and flexible way to get your project off the ground and funded fast. We pride ourselves in not only great terms but excellent service and a team of attorneys to help guide you through the entire hard money real estate financing process. Find out more… Hard Money Lender Florida

8.5% Returns for Investors on Mortgage Notes

We partner with investors who want to earn a high return on their funds without the risk of the stock market. Investments are secured by the 1st position mortgage to the properties you invest in. You’ll receive higher returns without the stress of managing the rehab process yourself. We are here to help your investment grow and mitigate any risks involved so that you can passively earn returns over 8.5%.

We take pride in providing a reputable service to our investors and borrowers. Our investment clients range from individuals, partnerships, corporations. You can even use funds from your 401k or Self Directed IRA if it is authorized in your specific fund.

We create flexible opportunities to earn our investors higher returns on their money and reduce the risk and responsibilities that come with real estate investments. By creating a streamlined and standard process, we have made real estate investment possible for a range of investors who want to make over a 8.5% return APR on their money!  Find out more… Mortgage Note Investments

Things to Consider when Finding a DUI Lawyer


Sometimes it happens that we get ourselves into the DUI cases. This may happen due to our rash driving or unwanted activities while driving on the public road. But most of the times people tend to go without the lawyers and end up with high penalties and punishments. But if a person has to undergo a DUI case then he should consider hiring a DUI Lawyer or a DUI Law firm. These firm and lawyers are well-versed of all the types of litigations and objections that can happen in the courtroom and they also know that how to get out of such dense conditions. Moreover, when a person gets into the cases of law then he is totally unaware of all the formalities and rules that need to be followed inside the courtroom. But still one can get confused while searching out for the DUI Lawyer so to find out the right lawyer there are certain things which need proper consideration before hiring a DUI Lawyer. DUI lawyer Pensacola

Things to consider before hiring a DUI Lawyer:


  1. Experience:

Seek out for the DUI Lawyers who have an experience of years in the field of solving the DUI cases. When you get a DUI Lawyer with an experience of many years, then chances of you getting out of the litigation becomes high. Moreover, you will get a perfect guidance when you are proceeding with your case.

  1. Consult:

When you are looking for hiring a DUI Lawyer then you can look for the once who offer you the FREE consultancy regarding your case. This is because most of the times the big lawyers and the big reputed law firm’s only offers you free consultancy whereas small firms and inexperienced lawyers will even charge you for the consulting of your case. So get yourself in a consultancy with a reputed lawyer, this will make the things clear about your DUI case and you will also get to know the DUI Lawyer more deeply when you meet him physically.Company friend Destin DUI lawyer

    1. Payment Options:


An understandable and reputed DUI Lawyer will offer you different payment condition for different situations of the case, these payment conditions will be very flexible and comfortable for you to pay during the hectic phase. These payment conditions should be always flexible because at times the hearings and the proceedings of the case are totally different from what we think and even sometimes it takes number of hearings and judgment for solving the complex DUI cases. So when you have a good lawyer then you can easily adjust along with the changing situations of the case.

  1. Keep multiple options and select the best one:

You should keep multiple options in hand before hiring a DUI Lawyer. When you have different options in hand and when you have met all the lawyers personally then you can easily select the best one out of the all the different lawyers. Moreover at times, it also happens that a lawyer can get ill or stuck up in some unwanted situation, so if you have a backup and someone else who knows all the ins and outs of the case will help you to easily proceed with the case. Florida lawyer directory


Hard Money loans in Florida